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Replace hamburger menu with icon bar in mobile view


  • t4apps started the conversation

    A current trend for mobile views is to replace the hamburger menu (sidebar) with a top/bottom icon bar. 

    Could you provide an option for mobile views to display the menu as either a hamburger OR icon bar

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    Andrew replied

    Hello t4apps,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm not sure which template are you using? Your attached image seems like taken from some other template and not from APEX.

    We don't have horizontal menu in APEX. Here is our demo: https://pixinvent.com/apex-angular-4-bootstrap-admin-template/demo-1/dashboard/dashboard1

    It is working correctly on mobile screen please check and let us know what is your exact issue.

    If you are requesting for such feature then, that looks weird on mobile screens and we are not planning to include this in future.