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Adding line charts


  • Yagmur started the conversation

    hello, we purchased modern admin html for our website. On our main page, we would like to add more than one line chart. For our application it is compulsory to add more than one chart. However, we could not achieve to add more than one line chart. Could you please assist us? How can we add more than one line chart in one page? 

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Yagmur,

    Thanks for getting in touch. You can add any number of charts on any page not just line charts. Please let us know what issue you are facing. Which chart js you are using and why it's not possible for you to create more than one line chart?


  • Yagmur replied

    Dear Andrew, 

    Our aim is to create a mainpage with 8 line charts. 

    To give an example; 

    we created two columns and a row. With class name we are able to add tableboxes without changing the id. And more than one tableboxes are on the page.

    However, with chart component, we wrote line-chart to id component and there is one graph. But the second chart with the same id is not shown on the page as they both have the same id name.

      <div class="row">

                <div class="col">

    <div id="line-chart"></div>


    Do we need to include class or different id to show more than one charts in one page? Is there anything missing? 

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Yagmur,

    Depends on how you have initialized charts, using ID or Class. You need  unique ID or class for each chart.

    Hope that helps!!