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Integrate with laravel


  • Akhalya started the conversation


    I'd like to know how to integrate this with laravel 5.6?

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Akhalya,

    Thanks for getting in touch but we are HTML & Angular developers and do not know Laravel and its integration.

    Our template is based on both Angular and HTML and you may ask any question regarding the same.


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    sostheblack replied

    Hi Andrew,

    I am a developer or Laravel believe that I can guide you.

    To use, you simply grab the assets and add them to your public folder.

    If you are compiling your assets, put the template assests inside the resource folder, if you prefer within resources create a folder called template for example, then in your mix use the `copyDirectory` function so that at the moment of running` npm run install` it will copy the assests to public.

    Hope this helps!

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    Andrew replied

    Hello sostheblack,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Hope it will help everyone to integrate their template with Laravel if they want.


  • Akhalya replied

    Thank you sostheblack. It's really helpful.. I'll try to do that.