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Latest update release notes


  • jzahoor started the conversation


    It seems that a 4.1 update was recently released. Could you please provide release notes/change log and instructions on how to update our existing template without having to redo our custom code? 

    If there was a list of files that were changed, added and/or removed, that would be very helpful.


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    Andrew replied

    Hello jzahoor,

    Here is the changelog with detailed file / folder changes.

    HTML Front-end Landing Page - You will find apex-landing-page folder in the new update.

    Top fix navbar option (Demo Available) - Here is the demo: https://pixinvent.com/apex-angular-4-bootstrap-admin-template/demo-5. We have added a new scss file fixed-navbar.scss found under src/assets/sass/scss/core folder. Which is included inside _core.scss file found in scss folder. Also made changes in the _sidebar-content.scss file under core folder.

    HTML template - All 5 Demos now available in downloadable

    Angular, NgRx, NG-bootstrap and other Packages updated to latest version. - You may upgrade all packages by changing your package.json file and running npm install.

    Horizontal timeline page now fully converted to typescript version. - All files and folders found under src/app/pages/full-pages/timeline/horizontal/ folder. Also removed horizontal-timeline.js file found under src/assets/js/ folder.

    Chat and Inbox page responsive design - chat.component.html, chat-ngrx.component.html, inbox.component.html file found under src/app/chat/, src/app/chat-ngrx, src/app/inbox folders respectively. chat.scss, email.scss, _misc.scss files found under src/assets/sass/scss/core folder. chat.js, inbox.js found under app/assets/js folder.

    Documentation - You will find updated documentation in the downloaded folder and here is the live link : https://pixinvent.com/apex-angular-4-bootstrap-admin-template/documentation/

    We have also updated full layout code for fixed navbar to work. We have moved app navbar element out from the main-panel in file full-layout.component.html found under src/app/layouts/full folder.

    User Profile page responsive issue. - _profile.scss file found under core folder and user-profile-page.component.html file found under /src/app/pages/full-pages/user-profile folder.

    IE 11 issue. - removed pace loader scripts from index.html file and added pace loader script to .angular-cli.json file.

    Note: I have highlighted the files names and folders that are changed. All are changes are subject to angular app, respective files in the HTML are also changed. 

    Hope that helps to update your current project.


  • jzahoor replied

    Thanks for the detailed response, Andrew. This will help us integrate the changes into our existing code.

    However, building your latest downloaded code is still showing the old navbar (i.e., not fixed). Also the documentation under the link still says last updated 01/26/2018 v4.0. 

    The demo link works with the fixed navbar. I do see the apex-landing-page folder but that's not an angular app. 

    What do I have to do to preview the fixed navbar locally by running your angular code?

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    Andrew replied

    Hello jzahoor,

    Yes, by default we are showing static navbar but, If you want fixed navbar then you will have to make one minor change. Please follow this simple step explained in documentation and you will be good to go with fixed navbar. Here is the link, please check Fixed Top Navbar section in this link : https://pixinvent.com/apex-angular-4-bootstrap-admin-template/documentation/documentation-customization.html

    We have also updated documentation, so if you are still not able to see latest documentation then that might be issue with caching. So please clear browser cache and check documentation link again.

    Yes, Apex landing page is simple one page HTML page and not an angular page.

    I hope this will help.