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sidebarClose button for mobile sizes doesn't work in starter template


  • Michael started the conversation

    Looking at the starter template vs the demo you have online - the sidebarClose button doesn't appear on the starter kit when the screen size is reduced to mobile sized.  I see that there is code in the sidebar.component.html  

    <a class="nav-toggle hidden-sm hidden-xs" href="javascript:;"> <i class="ft-toggle-right toggle-icon" data-toggle="expanded"></i> </a>

    But doesn't seem to include the minimize x button as in the online demo.

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Michael,

    We are going to release an update today fixing few of those bugs and with few new features.


  • Michael replied

    I don't see a changelog of the specific file changes - I can't use the update unless there are upgrade instructions from previous versions with specific files that changed or a git diff log.  The bullets in the changelog are a bit too short to fully understand the changes.

    - I can't realistically blow out my project and rebuild from scratch every time there is an apex update so please let me know what files I should use to upgrade from existing.

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Michael,

    Here is our change log mentioned with specific files :


    1. Recent Activity, Chat and Settings Sidebar tabbed panel For Angular and HTML Templates - src/app/shared/notification-sidebar
    2. Image Cropper page For Angular and HTML Templates - src/app/components/extra/cropper


    1. Packages for Angular Template and Starter kit Template updated to latest version - no files added or updated
    2. Documentation - Added Documentation files for new components


    1. IOS scrolling issue - src/assets/sass/scss/core/_sidebar-content.scss
    2. Menu issue on small screen in starter kit. - starter-kit/src/assets/js/app-sidebar.js

    Let us know if you still have query.