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Content Security Policy Error


  • Fadhili2017 started the conversation

    I keep getting this error

    ..... violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "style-src 'self' 'nonce-0F708E39-4807-1249-9A08-615B48E83DCF'".

    Kindly help me on how to resolve this.

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Fadhili2017,

    Could you please share some more information, is that js error ?

    On which page you are getting this error ? Also share the screenshot of console.


  • Fadhili2017 replied

    The error is on the horizontal menu [dashboard-ecommerce.html]. Find the screenshot attached.                

    Attached files:  Capture.PNG

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    Andrew replied

    Hello Fadhili2017,

    This seems to be a cross domain or ISP related issue which do not allow google fonts to load due to security reason.

    Could you please install XAMPP or WAMP and try to run with localhost from chrome.