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TinyMCE popup window


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    orthodoxws started the conversation

    There seems to be a CSS issue with the link popup dialogue for TinyMCE.  Here is a screenshot:


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    Andrew replied

    Hey There,

    There are two options that you can use to solve this CSS issue,

    Option1 : If you are using SCSS

    Please find "robust-admin\src\scss\plugins\editors\_editors.scss" this scss file

    go to line 55 and remove/comment below scss

        max-width: 96%;

    Option2 : If not using SCSS

    Please find "robust-admin\app-assets\css\app.css"  this CSS file

    go to line 3905 and remove/comment below css

    .mce-container-body.mce-abs-layout {
      max-width: 96%; }

    Please let us know if have any concern.


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    orthodoxws replied

    Thanks very much! Works perfectly now.

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    Andrew replied


    Thanks for your conformation that the issue/query is resolved now, feel free to get back to us if you have any query in future.

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