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How to use Form Wizard


  • intelligram started the conversation


    Thanks for the great work with the Stack admin theme. 

    Whenever submit button is clicked in the final-step sub-from, an alert generates saying "form submitted" and nothing else happen even with the following settings: 

    <form action="data-save-page.php" class="number-tab-steps wizard-circle">

    1. how to get this form to send data from all the steps to a particular file?

    2. how to access and control the properties of "submit" button with our custom jquery - to not show the default alert and instead perform other actions?

    Thanks and Regards

    Varun (varun.igpro@gmail.com)

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    Andrew replied

    Hi Varun,

    Please locate file wizard-steps.js on this path "app-assets/js/scripts/forms/wizard-steps.js".

    Now, you will see all the code written for various form wizards. In each wizard code you should see "onFinished" function and alert is coming from that function.

    You should consider writing your form submission code in this function and it should work.

    Please make sure you have included the correct file "wizard-steps.js". It could be possible that you are including "wizard-steps.min.js" and you are doing changes on "wizard-steps.js" file and it's not reflecting the changes.

    Hope that guides you in the right direction.