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    João started the conversation

    I'm trying use the Content Right Sticky Sidebar, but I get some problems.
    I have made some tests with your template and when I tested with a tablet resolution the sidebar content disappear!

    I send some images to see the problem.

    Best regards

    Attached files:  sidebar_tablet.PNG

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    Andrew replied

    Hi João,

    Thanks for rising this ticket, it seems is a existing issue.

    We've set hidden any sidebar on the screen below 768px, so on your snap : sidebar_tablet.PNG it is not showing any thing due to the sidebar issue once we will set it hidden for the below medium device it will work proper.

    For that you need to add "hidden-md-down" class, please check the attached image highlighted line.

    Hope that helps, we are adding this bud in our list and will get fixed in next release.


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    João replied

    But i dont want to hide the sidebar! 

    I send tho images of a sidebar that is not fixed. In this example the sidebar appears on top of content div (sidebar_tablet1.png) . 

    I want a fixed sidebar on big screens, that goes to top and change to not fixed on smaller screens.

    Best regards

    Attached files:  sidebar_tablet1.PNG

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    Andrew replied

    Hello João,

    We apologies for the late replay on this, it seems to be a custom requirement. 

    In your case you need to write some conditional screen base js where sidebar needs to be visible and not stickey. May be like this. In this case remove that ".hidden-md-down" class and write the screen size base conditional JS

            if ($(window).height() > 700) {

    Ref this link for more info.


    Hope that helps.