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How to customize theme colors?


You can find colour palette variables and colour code inside : robust-admin\app-assets\scss\core\colors\palette-variables.scss

Now there are 2 ways to do this


You can copy : robust-admin\app-assets\css\colors.css to robust-admin\assets\css\colors.css

and replace primary colour code using palette-variables.scss reference. Please do not edit the robust-admin\app-assets\css\colors.css file as it will get overwritten in next update.

Make sure you include colors.css from assets folder as default is app-assets folder. In short you need to change the path.



You can generate your own colour palette using robust-admin\assets\scss\colors\palette-variables.scss file.

For this you need to have Node and Grunt installed on your system. And then you need to generate css files using grunt command ‘grunt dist-css’.


grunt dist-css

Please read the documentation for the more details.

Hope this will help, feel free to raise ticket still if you have any query.